IMG_1187Tara Vaughan, Facilitator

Tara teaches math at both the middle school and college levels. She also recently received her masters degree in math education with a 4.0 from Concordia University in Portland. She’s amazing!

Syd Cole, Facilitator

Syd has been a professional software developer for more than 20 years in Bellingham. She’s also a mom to two daughters in the Bellingham schools. You can find her on LinkedIn.

IMG_6833Andrea Frost, Facilitator

Andrea has a Master’s in Computer Science from Western Washington University and she now develops Facebook tools for nonprofits at ActionSprout. Andrea is a strong believer in using tech for good in the world and helping to increase diversity and inclusion in the Tech Industry. Fun fact: she was once a Wildland Firefighter in the great state of Alaska!

IMG_6783Jenny Styer, Mentor

Jenny teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) classes at Sehome High. “I love seeing what students will create when given the right tools and encouragement.”

Gracie Ermi, Mentor

Gracie Ermi has a Master’s in Computer Science from Western Washington University. She loves programming and technology because it is like a super power that gives you the ability to solve important problems and build cool things. In her free time, Gracie likes running and knitting. She believes that diversity and inclusion in technology are exactly what the world needs right now (and always) to be able to create innovative solutions to the problems that need solving.

lorraineLorraine Wong

Once having a dream to create a robot to dominate the world, Lorraine is passionate to learn all about computer and robotics. She is a student at Western Washington University pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Chinese. She volunteers at the Creators and Innovators Club, mentoring and motivating girls to join her in her masterplan. But instead, the girls inspired Lorraine to use her talents, skills and knowledge for good. Now, Lorraine hopes to pursue a career in Computer Science that could help and heal the world. When she is away from the computer, IPAD and mobile phone, she enjoys cooking, reading and crocheting.

Cari Dean, Mentor

A junior, who loves computers and caring for animals. Programming is a joy for her because she loves to take big problems and shrink them down into puzzles. When she’s not helping out at the CIC, she plays Ultimate frisbee and watches old SciFi movies. She is on a mission to empower women to do what they love and show that we can do anything.

mirandaMiranda Cornelius

Miranda is a freshmen at Western Washington University. She loves programming because it allows you to create anything you could imagine from absolutely nothing, and shows that hardwork, and patience, has amazing results. She also loves cats, and fun fact: she has a pet cat that is 18 years old! In her free time she loves to play volleyball and volunteer around Bellingham. Overall, Miranda is trying to show that you can do anything that you work hard for and put your mind to!

robynRobyn Ijima

Robyn is currently a junior at Western Washington University. She is studying computer science because she finds programming really fun and she enjoys solving puzzles. Technology is so cool because every day new technologies are being developed to help lots of people all over the world! Robyn is from Hawaii and her favorite things are going swimming at the beach, and reef walking. She is also working on a blog to share her stories to help encourage and motivate others to do what they love!

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